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K70 issues


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After some thought I bought a K70 RGB, admittedly, a factory refurb not brand new, with the Cherry Red quiet switches.


I was looking for illuminated and mechanical switch and I liked the custom colour idea. However, so far I am not impressed with it. The build quality is fine but I have persistent problems with some keys bouncing. Having done some googling I see this is a common issue and not just for refurb keyboards either.


I've also seen various comments and suggestions for solving it. However, I should not have to faff around solving it. Cherry MX switches are hyped as the best you can get and supposed to last more or less forever, but from what I see they're a pain in the ****. I have a nice looking keyboard on which several keys persistently create double or even sometimes triple hits. Other keys are fine. That, coupled with all the other posts I see on multiple forums leads me to think the switches aren't all they're hyped up to be, and I can only say I am disappointed.


Also, and I admit here I didn't have a keycap puller to hand, my R cap is now loose because it broke, with very little applied forced (I was quite careful in removing it), when removing it - following a tip that applying switch cleaner sometimes helps a dodgy key - so far the M key which was also a problem seems better after blasting switch cleaner in it, but the R key is still prone to double hit.


All in all I have to say the keyboard is not up to the standard I expect at the price point, especially the unreliable switches. I would also expect the keycaps to be a bit tougher than that - back in the 80s I worked servicing cash registers which had similar although more reliable switches and the keycaps rarely broke except through serious ham-fisted-ness.


Since I actually like the build quality in general and the lighting, can anyone suggest a software fix for the bounce issue (I already tried altering the polling rate which makes no difference) and also where I can get a new R key since the Corsair web shop a) only wants to sell me a set and I hope not to break any more and b) won't post to the UK anyway.


Also, anyone tried taking them apart and replacing switches? Assuming it's possible to get it apart, that should be within my abilities as an engineer, if I can get spare switches, that is.

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