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HX850I - delayed start & stutter


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Hi Guys,


I have recently built a new rig and I'm currently dealing with some frametime spikes in all games and I'm trying isolate the issue and rule out some parts.

I've been told my PC could be stuttering due to a faulty power supply, CPU, RAM and motherboard.



I've ruled out the GPU as I've have had two GPU's in my rig and the problem still occurs (RTX 2070 & RTX 2080).


My rig does actually have a delayed startup (cold boot or not) where the h150i pump light comes on first, then followed by the graphics card lights, then the x6 120mm LL fans and then lastly the vengeance RGB RAM lights. They don't all come on at the same time and all are delayed one after the other, is this normal??


I have 3 SATA power cables, all daisy chained to supply my parts with power.


I ran a memtest86 100 passes with 0 errors to rule out RAM. I've been told memtest86 does stress CPU in some cases and RAM slots, so am I safe to rule out the CPU, RAM and motherboard?



Motherboard - Asus XI hero

CPU - i7 9700k

CPU Cooler - Corsair h150i

RAM - 16GB Corsair Vengeance 570x

GPU - Asus STRIX OC 2080

PSU - Corsair HX850I

Case FANS - 6xCorsair LL 120MM

Fan control & RGB - Commander pro & HUB

OS drive - Samsung 970 EVO NVME m.2

Games Drive - WD black 1TB hdd





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I wouldn't quite rule out CPU and motherboard, since memtest really does RAM but the other two components are much more complicated and may need further testing. In regards to the PSU, check the rail outputs during the stutter/loads. We allow for 5% over and under, but outside of that range is a concern.
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