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K95 RBG cannot save Hardware Memory Profiles


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I have a "Corsair Gaming K95 RGB Keyboard" and I cannot save profiles to the keyboard memory.


I have tried resetting the keyboard by holding Escape key whilst plugging in, and also using the reset button on the back of the keyboard next to the polling rate switch.


I have deleted all Corsair software and installed fresh.


I have FORCED update of firmware (currently v. 2.05).


I have deleted the file from CRP_Disabled folder of the keyboard.


Yet I STILL cannot save any profiles to keyboard :mad:


I get the option to do so in ICUE (as seen in screenshot) but when I click for example "Save to M1", the icon of a memory card with a 1 in it that I click to save "highlights" in black when I hold the mousebutton, but it does not save or change anything (see attached screenshot).


I REALLY need to be able to do this as my PC is quite dated now (i5-2500k with 8gb I bought back in 2012) and I need to free up any resouces I possibly can, and ICUE takes its fair share on this old PC.


Any help would be sincerely appreciated!


Thanks :)




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Hi @Corsair Hotpot :)

Thanks for the reply.


I think I've misundertood what the "profiles" do when saved to keyboard.


So basically it ONLY saves a static colour and certain keyboard lock options?

It does not save any macro's saved to "G keys?"


ALL I WANTED was a static orange illuminataion and F5 mirrored to G15 and F6 mirrored to G18 (so basically I can use F5 & F6 with my little finger) :[pouts:


Seems utterly ridiculous that I NEED Icue running JUST to mirror 2 keys.


The 8meg of onboard memory is COMPLETELY *misleading* as that would be a enough space to save an incredible amount of macros & binds...yet literally all that 8meg can store is a static colour choice and if alt tab / win key are disabled?! :confused::mad:.


Totally put me off EVER buying anything Corsair in the future :beenrippe

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An update to iCUE v3.10.125 and K95 firmware v3.21.7168 caused the custom hardware profiles on my K95 to reset to the original default hardware profiles. :!:

I am no longer able to upload any custom ones. :mad:

Unfortunately I updated both my iCUE and K95 Firmware at the same time. I'm not sure which one caused the issue. :confused:

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Sorted. :biggrin:

1) In the iCUE Settings tab, I selected my K95 device and clicked 'Clear Onboard Storage' next to Device Memory. On my next reboot my K95 was RED with a WHITE top strip instead of the Rainbow.

When I now clicked into the Onboard Profiles tab, all three slots showed 'Empty'.

2) As they hadn't been working, I deleted my old Hardware Profiles, (which no longer had the '1', '2' and '3' next to them) and the folder they resided in. (Maybe they might have worked again if I tried to upload them into the now 'Empty' slots :thinking:)

3) I created a New Folder for my Hardware Profiles, and created new Hardware Profiles, (selecting the Hardware radio button).

4) In the Onboard Profiles tab, I was able to upload these and this time I saw the progress bar update as the profile copied across, which it wasn't previously doing before blowing everything away and starting over.


TLDR - Blow everything away and start over :bomb:

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I got in touch with Corsair support by sending a ticket detailing the problem and they told me that the problem is in the iCUE version.



Response By Email (Joseph N) (12/19/2018 11:11 AM)




Unfortunately this is a known issue with the latest version of iCUE. We are working on an update to resolve this. Thank you for your patience.


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I have a Plat. K95 RGB. Every time I try to do a Hardware Save. It pops up an error that It can not find my keyboard. Yet I am looking at it on the screen as a found device. Why is this happening - I have tried everything and read everything for things I did not think of. What is the problem??? Why does it not see my KB when I save but works for everything else?? :eek::confused:
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Found out how to with K95

firmware 3.21.7168 icue 3.19.120


Begin, i have the "default" profile with 3 HW profiles beneath it.

I deleted first 2 of the HW profiles and the "default" profile line, in left pane under profiles.

The last HW entry i couldn't delete.

Then i clicked on the + in the profile line left top and make new profile.

Clicked second time on + profile

in the pop up window i changed the bullet "software profiel" to "hw profile"

Then i choose under lighteffect static color blue

i renamed the HW profile line to "blue"

Click on the new HW profile line (blue in my case)(left pane), this wil Highlight the HW profile line name, click on left bottom "onboard profile line" click on the new HW profile in middle bottom Name "blue" in my case and click save/overwrite.

You will see the loading bar from 0-100%

Do the same for a second HW profile, then delete the third HW profile which you couldn't delete in the beginning and choose your 3th HW profile.

Reboot PC and you have your three new profiles under the "profile switch key" of your keyboard



I have a razor mamba mouse, as soon as the razor sw is activated, which seams to be happened after the corsair sw is activated. The cosair SW is switched of, keyboard lights are of. ALso the hw keyboard profiles are not to be choossen. I was thingking i put the three profiles into the keyboard, so should i load the icue sw.

I unistalled the icue sw and now the keyboard stays on and i can choose from my own three saved keyboard color profiles.

When i want to change it i only have to load temporarly icue

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