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LL120 fans went dark...


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Hi, this is my first thread i hope some one could help me because after the third day trying to make them work i feel like i want to throw this entire system from the window...


Btw english isnt my native lenguage so ignore the typos..


So i just bought the new corsair obsidian 500d rgb se that comes included with 3 ll120 rgb fans, commander pro and a led 6 way rgb hub.


Bought another 3 ll120 fans and acorsair aio hydro150i.


The cooler work fine, no problems there.


Now to the fans... on first boot all the leds turned on and every thing was fine,except the third port on the rgb hub made my fan flicker and go crazy but not all the time.


I had the corsair link software fully updated and the commander pro was recognized and it let me to "tinker" with the rgb settings, all was fine until i booted the system and the fans went dark..


Corsair link showed the COPO but there wasnt any way to change any option.


I downloaded icue played with every option and still no succsess.


After about 8 hours on the second day i managed to turn the leds 2 time for a couple of minutes until i booted and it all went to hell.. i dont know what i did to make them work but no matter what i try they just wont turn the leds.


Ive read all the issue threads about those fans, made sure i did every thing anyone suggested, still no luck.

Today i connected all the wires to another pc, downloaded link and icue but the leds just wont turn on..


At this point i just gave up becuase 3 days to make some fricking fans work isnt worth it.


The fans are connected to the rgb hub by order.

The rgb hub connected to the copo in channel one, and a a sata cable to the psu.


The copo connected to one sata cable to psu and 1 cable to the usb on mobo.


I checked every port on the hub in order and out of order, tryed channel 1 and 2.

Tryed different cables even went to bios.

Uninstalled and reinstalled link and icue maybe 20 time but still no luck


The first time the leds turn on on the second day was when i ended corsair services in task manager but it doesnt work anymore.


Maybe the hub that came with the case is faulty, but i cant buy another one coz they dont sell those in my country.


If nothing will work i swear i wont buy another corsair product again.. its just sad i spent a decent amount of money and it doesnt even work proprly. Plus i spend almost 3 days trying to fix something that was supposed to be easy and with out all this problems.


Well i think i tryed every thing there is, i hope some one could help my problem somehow.


PS i only got 5 ll120 now coz i probebly disconnected one of tge cables in the led 4 pin connector from all the pulling and llaying around with the fans.

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Hey there ... I totally get your frustration. Let's see about a couple of things to see if we can get you going again.

You mentioned that you ended the Corsair Service in task manager. Why did you do this? Is the Corsair Service running now? It needs to be in order to control the lights.

Second, are you running any other monitoring tools, particularly any monitoring tools that also monitor the Corsair Devices?

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Hi, i think you gave someone this advice for the same ll120 issue so i tried it too and it worked once.


Corsair Services running as usual now, and i dont have any monitoring program running.


Actualy i deleted all of my softwares razer synapse,asus aura to see if they interupt the corsair programs. No luck there


A little update: link or icue dont see my copo any more...

When i connect it to the usb header on the mobo i get the sound when adevice connects but still nothing..

In device manager the copo's name is generic fan hub or something like this but it says it works fine.


Plus i think i saw a little smoke coming from the copo a couple of times...maybe my imagination, and i dont think its dust coz the case and fans and radiator are new and i cleaned all the rest..


Maybe if the corsair softwares will reconize my copo it will fix my problem..but it worked in the past and still no leds.


Thank you for the reply

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Well after running some test for the past few hours i came to a conclusion:


In usbDeview i found the culprit Port_#0013.Hub_#0001 generic usb hub but even if i disable/uninstall it wont change enything.


In device manager the commander pro shows as generic usb device and in properties it says device works properly... i doubt it...


After running with this in other posts i found out the compo is really faulty some people change them 2 3 more time till they work properly, and i dont have insurance on the case coz it came with out a psu so we only opend it in the store to check if there wasnt broken glass or anything, btw the obsidian 500d rgb is just a perfect case from corsair. Beside the compo.


Did more tests device trouble shoot took like 10 minuts but didnt found any thing wrong, some motherboards have bad usb 2.0 connections that pass electrycity badly to the commander pro,mine is asus maximus viii hero, went again to bios to enabled/disable xHCI and legecy, and did some more stuff but still no luck..


Apperantly the commander some times fries it self and smokes.. now i understand why i saw little smoke coming from it a couple of times.


Probebly mine got fried like this after all the leds worked for maybe 30 minutes combined total.


So after spending days trying to save something that was already doomed i thought i cant just leave my pc like this with out any lights so ilooked around at other fans i saw i the hd/sp rgb hub wont work with my ll120 anyway the only option left for me is buying a pack of 2 ll140 that comes with a controller (lighting node pro) that can use my 6 led rgb hub that came with the case and the connections of the 6 ll fans i already have.

I'll just connect the the fans to the 6 rgb, it to the node pro, and it directly to the usb mobo header. If i didnt miss any thing.


This is probebly the cheapest fastest easiest option i got right now.


So devbiker after reading so much threads you are probebly the most experienced here, what are your thoughts on the node pro? Will it bring my fans back from the darkness? Will my mobo even recognized it not like the compo, and will it fry itself or get anothe faulty product with all the respect for corsair for making really good products something with the commander just went wrong..



Again thank you and i hope some of the information here will help some one along the way with this kind of problem.

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At this point, I would suggest that you create a support ticket with Corsair. You've done nothing that I can tell that would void the warranty. I am concerned about the smoke though - that's never a good sign.


And yes, the Lighting Node Pro would likely bring things back - as long as whatever caused your CoPro to smoke doesn't do the same to the NoPro.

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The problem is that i live in israel and we have an issue right now with all the deliveries ( i ordered a new glass mirror for my car 2 months ago and i havent recieved it yet) so even if ill contact corsair and they will ship anew one thete is no guarenty that i will get it any time soon.

And no retailer in my country that works with corsair dont sell any hubs seperetly even the nzxt one.


So i think ill try buying the two pack with the lighting node an ill keep you posted. Hope it will work

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** FIX ** Kind of..


After replacing the commander pro and the rgb hub that came with the case corsair obsidian 500d rgb se, every thing started to work again..


So every one that have lighting issues with the light loop corsair fans and the commander pro can just replace the unit for the lighting node pro that only control the lights wich is alot simpler than the commander who conntrolls the lights and power and usb...


At first at each mode you set the lights go a little crazy but it looks like the node pro learns after afew cycles and than every thing stabilizes and work almost perfectly.


Ive added some photos


I reccomend that you check every thing first and only buy a new controller after you ruleout every option.


I hope this will help someone.



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