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H115i pro rgb fan speed


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Monitoring software does not count the number of fan revolutions for a minute, then report the definitive result back to you. It polls for a short period of time (say 2 seconds) then multiplies that fractional number out to make the traditional revolutions per minute. Thus, it is always an estimate and subject the the smallest variance being magnified into a perceived difference that may not really exist. There are no fan controllers that can set a fan to "xxx rpm" and make it stick to that ones place or even tens place value. It's just isn't that precise nor does it need to be.


Additionally, each fan motor is a unique device in itself. Even with actual long term monitoring, Motor A might run 778 rpm at 7.0v and motor B may total 762 revolutions in a minute at the same 7.0v. Either way, these are completely inconsequential differences and have absolutely zero effect on your performance. Typically you need 150-200 rpm changes to see a measurable performance change and it depends a lot on what you are measuring. Your ears are likely more sensitive to the sound changes and that makes it a better guideline for where to set your fans.

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