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Corsair ICUE freezes at 59% during install.


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I can`t for the life of me install this product. As I said in the title the installer freezes at 59% during driver installment, and I have to do a hard reset of my pc.

Since I am unable to install the drivers I can not use the buttons on the side of my mouse, nore fiddle with the dpi, and it`s getting frustrated at this point.


I had the program installed before, but had to uninstall because on day my mouse just stopped working. During uninstall it allso frose my pc so I had to manually delete all the files, then I ran ccleaner.


The mouse I am using is a scimitar pro, this is the only corsair product i have, and probably the last I ever buy since it`s been nothing but problems with the sotware.


I have read a bunch of forum posts trying to figure this out, with no luck.

Here is what I have done. I have manually delete all corsair folders in appdata local and roaming, programfiles, programfiles(86), I`ve ran ccleaner.

Nothing is working for me, and I need help, please!

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