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LL120 noise and performance problem with iCue?


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Hi folks,


I installed an H150i (with stock fans) + 3 LL120 RGB fans all connected with Commander Pro.


It's part of a brand new build and fortunately everything started working fine.

Then, after installing iCue the LL120 fans have become significantly noisy.


The H150i fans are connected to the pump. I have those set on Quiet at around 530-540 RPM, plus the pump on Balanced at 2100 RPM. They're very quiet.


The LL120 are noisy no matter the configuration. On Quiet they run at 1300 RPM, and both on Balanced and Extreme the run at 1500 RPM. I've had to manually set the speed at around 650 RPM.


Are they supposed to be so noisy? This started after installing iCue, because I could barely hear a sound before.

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If you have them on the Commander Pro, use a custom fan curve. The default fan curves are based on CPU temperature and tend to go a little crazy (as you've seen).




This is what I'm doing at the moment. I've set them to run at fixed RPM (around 650). My CPU is at 32.5 Celsius, so I don't really need anything more than that (also my case has excellent airflow). I'll see what happens when I try some games later.


What surprises me though is that the H150i fans run at around 550 RPM on Quiet, while those connected to the CoPro run so much faster...


At what temperature do you recommend I start cranking up the RPM? and at what speed?

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The fans connected to the H150i have different curves and are based on the coolant temperature. The fans connected to the Commander Pro will be based on CPU Package temp, which is notoriously spiky and not really a good control variable for a liquid cooled system.


I recommend that you use the CoPro's thermistors as temperature sources for a custom fan curve. You can place these in the case to measure actual internal case temperature and respond accordingly. As to what temps to key off of ... that's varies based on your system, your environment/ambient temperature and other factors so I can't give you an answer there. It's something that you'll have to determine based on your system and environment. Check out the Liquid Cooler Guide for a good process for a custom AIO fan curve - the same kind of process would apply to fan curves based on your thermistor but, of course, with different variables at play.

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