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LL120 Fan Stops Spinning, RGB OK


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I have 1 fan on my computer (6 LL120 fans connected to a Commander Pro) and it's been a little shaky lately.


From time to time, the fan shows an RPM about 60% of the remaining fans and just recently it stopped turning all together until I've rebooted a couple of times.


RGB works normally and can access every pattern and each LED on the fan, but no dice on the actual fanning part.


Think it is a dead fan or issues with iCue?

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Here is the kicker, I installed the latest iCue version yesterday. After installation, the stopped fan kicks back on and has been running since. Before even that one fan would run slowly (if the RPM is set to 1200, it would run at 700) but even that isn't happening.


Now granted, this is only a few hours after, but now I want to see over the weekend if the weird behavior continues. With the last 2 versions when booting all fans stop until iCue loads in then they all spin up. It's disconcerting behavior but I am now leaning on iCue as the continual culprit.

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