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Need help with saving profiles to Dark Core


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So, in November I decided to get a new mouse, so I went with the dark core. I love the feel of it, and am a big fan of the wireless and wired options. I find icue very versatile in most situations.


One thing that I am having a big issue with is I can't save any profiles to the on board memory. For some background info, the story goes like this: I buy the mouse. Play with the mouse. Clear on board memory from the mouse and delete icue on board profiles. Now I don't have on board profiles.


Essentially, in the profiles tab, there are no profiles saved onto the mouse. Also, when it is not connected to icue it only has the first on board profile, even though I can't customize it on icue. These were all my fault. I was too quick to delete them thinking I could load separate different profiles onto the mouse.




Is there anyway to firmware reset the dark core so that it gets the base 3 on board profiles back?

Or is there a way to save an existing profile onto the mouse?

If you have the same problem, do this and then re download icue.






I found this thread in the forums on how to firmware reset the dark core, it worked great.


If you have the same problem, reset your dark core and then re download icue.

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