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RMA request for a bad module

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To be a continuation of my Email, i need a post ID for RMA request :


I have purchased in november 2004 1go of Corsair ram : 2x512MB XMS3200PT Platinium CL2 (twinx box).







XMS3200 512mb 400Mhz CL2



Yesterday, my computer was stopped. I have found that one module was faulty :


-2 modules in dual, the computer no boot.

-2 modules not dual or only the faulty module, the computer boot but error loading windows.

-faulty module with memtest : 100% error.


-no problem with the other module in PC use and with memtest.


My configuration : intel P4 2.4 Mhz, ASUS P4P800, Gforce T14200.

In bios : default setting, no overclocking




Thank you

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