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H115i Platinum USB disconnect


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So I had purchased the H115i Platinum as a replacement to the H115i Pro on day one when it was launched. I had no issues with the Pro.


My Platinum constantly disconnects from USB every few minutes and reconnects. Which is incredibly annoying. I lose fan/pump settings when this happens. I opened a support ticket and they sent me a new H115i Platinum. This one does the same exact thing. I had no issues with the Pro.


Also annoying that I am paying return shipping for the previous Platinum and the issue is still there.


I had updated the firmware as well.


Anybody else with the same issue?

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I don't think you're alone.



Mine did this after installing Steam and monitor drivers, and what would eventually happen is the USB controller would crash.


I wasn't able to resolve it, so I re-installed Windows. Was a new build, so I didn't lose much. I've since done what is suggested in that thread, which is to disable any kind of color cycling (making lights static or turning them off) and iCUE, the related services, and the USB seem to stay connected.


In my case, there is a brief disconnect after loading Steam (odd, I know, but I've got different installs in which there's a correlation). But it's stable afterwards.


Best I've got for you. Dreading sending mine back especially if it doesn't make any kind of difference. Clearly, something is amiss.

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I don't have any sort of USB controller crash. Doesn't matter what i'm doing I could be away from my computer and I can hear the USB disconnect sound and look at the PC and see the RGB lights on the pump block shut off and come back on. Then the USB sound reconnects. It briefly disapears from iCue.


What I did was instead of running the Pump heads USB through the Commander Pro I connected it directly to the motherboards internal USB 2 header and am powering the Cooler on its own Sata power off the PSU. Hoping to isolate it. Didn't make any difference. About every 5 minutes it disconnects and reconnects. Yeah I don't recommend RMA as it seems anyone will get the same defective unit.

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I'm not using a Commander Pro. Mine is connected directly to a USB header on my motherboard, and the fans connect to the pump with its on-board controller.


My USB controller would only crash after a back-and-forth of disconnect/reconnect. Could not get the service to run again or retain control of the fans/pump speed or lighting. It kept working, but with defaults (which seems to be "quiet" settings for the Platinum.


I've got a 9900k. An AIO that could just stop performing above a "quiet" level isn't exactly something to make one rest easy. But, as I have said... disabling (or making static) the lighting on the pump and fans has... for some reason... resolved this issue for me so far. I think the iCUE services and drivers for the H115i Platinum are suspect, but that's a layman's opinion.


Kinda makes me wish I went for the Pro. At least they've got the gremlins out of that one. Pity, as I really like the hardware for the Platinum.

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Bump to the thread. First PC build here and I get the usb disconnected sound before the rgb lighting in the fans has a slight seizure then cuts all power and reboots. In frequent quick spurts and then it smooths out after the pc has been running for a while.
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I have the same issue :/


Running latest firmware and latest icue version on latest windows version.


It was running fine but now for some reason it started doing random disconnects / RGB flash





I found this thread on Corsair's website.





That's exactly what was happening.


I disabled the Corsair/Asetek thing and I havn't had any disconnection in the last 30 min.


Yay I'm happy now.

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