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Ax1500i ac power plug question


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Hello Joseeeph,


Let me explain what you're looking at from an electrician's standpoint.


The connection in your picture is a standard C13/14 power cord connection on the other end of the power cord you will most likely find a Nema 5-15p.

This type of power cord is capable of handling a max amperage of 15 amps†.



The square connection you are talking about from AX1500i pictures on corsair's product page, is a C19/20 style connection. With a C19/20 cord you will find either a Nema 5-15p or a Nema 5-20p plug on the end.

This type of cord is capable of handling a max amperage of 20 amps†.



Now lets look at the AX1500i Psu, if you max it out at ~1500 watts you would be pulling ~12.5 @ 120Volts if your home/business is only getting ~110 volts you will be pulling ~13.5 amps. This is still within the capability of a C13 to Nema 5-15p cord.



So... the connection on your psu is fine you shouldn't have any issues.


On a side note for you to be aware of, at 12 amps and up there is possibility of tripping a 15amp circuit breaker due to heat build up, just something to keep in mind.


best of luck,



† - the wire size of power cord should be #14 awg for 15 amps and #12awg for 20 amps.

If you live in a country that doesn't use nema style plugs and receptacles you will use a C13 to (your standard) cord most likely 250v which in turn you will have lower amperage

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