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LNP error after PC sleep


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I have a 2 issues with my Corsair config (Commander Pro, Lighting Node Pro, 5 LED strips, 3 LL120 fans, 3 HD140 fans and some peripherals).


1. iCUE software constantly says there is an update for my LNP - 0.5.104. After update it shows the same version of current firmware.

2. LNP didn't work as it should after my PC returns from sleep mode. Connected to it LED strips stops to react on iCUE settings and shows default rainbow effect. LL and HD fans connected to Commander Pro starts to "lag" - their effects not so smooth as it should. If I stop iCUE then fans starts to work smooth again. All start to work OK only after I reboot my PC.

P.S. My LNP USB connector connected to CP.


P.P.S. Sorry for my english :) .

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