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h115i platinum fans spin up above fixed%/rpm


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hi all, i've been getting an issue where my ML140 that are connected to the h115i plat randomly spins up and stays spinning faster than the fixed rpm or % i've set it at (40% or 950rpm i've tried both and sometimes i would notice the ML140 have gone up to 1300-1600rpm).


if i'm not wrong the fixed setting means even under load the fans should not spin up. i'm not sure why this is happening but it's extremely annoying as i have the ml140 in push pull with 2xLL140 on my co pro, and the latter are still running at the fixed 950rpm i set them at. when the ML140 spin up to 1500rpm and stay there for no reason, there's 500rpm differential with the Ll140 which creates very undesirable noises.


restarting icue service restores it, but i'd rather not have to keep doing that. any ideas guys?

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