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Feature request. 9000 RPM Required.


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I have a small NVME drive cooler which maxes out at Nine Thousand RPM and a

60mm Seven Thousand RPM fan to pull hot air from the GFX card out the back of the case.

I noticed that the drive temperatures are showing in iCUE as it was before which is good as I can drive the NVME cooler from an temp sensor on the drive itself again. This means I can remove the temp sensor taped to the top of the controller.

However, In iCUE the automatic fan control curves only go up to Four Thousand RPM.


Would it be possible to increase this upper limit and perhaps make the upper limit adjustable per fan so the range selected is suitable for each fan?

Another way to do it would be to have the Y axis for fan curves as a PWM percentage instead of explicit RPMs.


I realise having a graph / curve that goes up to 10K (OVER NINE THOUSAND! :laughing: ) RPM is a bit silly when your fans only go up to 1.5K, so adjustable Y axis or being able to set Y axis percentages would be useful for those of us who have rapid fans and cant get them beyond half speed.



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I agree and this is something that needs to be looked at. While 7000 and 9000 rpm fans are not all that common, there certainly a lot of pumps running over 4K. I am trying to think of another program I have that does not auto adjust or allow the user to set the Y-Axis. I am coming up short.
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