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h115 pro pump at max speed?


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No, if you don't mind the slight noise at maximum, go ahead. These things are typically rated for their Mean Time Before Failure in hours rather than revolutions. It would be a rather difficult proposition for a pump to have a 5 year warranty (and roughly that expected lifetime) and then suddenly turn into a 2.5 year product because you ran it at the 3000 rpm speed instead of 1500. Coolers certainly do fail for all sorts of reasons, but wearing out the pump mechanically is not a common one at all.


I will be interested to see if you have performance gain at 2850 vs 2160 for balanced. Typically none of us see much reduction in coolant temp between them, however with 8c/16t the 9900K might. I still think it will be slight (perhaps 1C in coolant temp), but let us know. I do recommend you pass on the quiet pump setting, except for light desktop work. There is a noticeable temp penalty at 1100 rpm on the pump with anything with sustained load.

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