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New Corsair Harpoon Gaming Mouse, Anyway Around Having to Run CUE in background 24/7?


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Bare with me as this is the first time I've purchased a new mouse (let alone, a gaming mouse) in 10 years.


I plugged it in and the OS (win7) recognized it right away. Feels great and works well, but oops! I notice the DPS is super wonky, so I go into windows to set it to 1-to-1 scroll rate with enhanced pointer precision disabled (same settings as the old mouse I was using before this new one), but the Harpoon still won't respond.


"Grr... okay, looks like I need to download some software to adjust, oh well, let's get this over with..."


Now, however, I'm extremely let down to discover that the mouse will retain the settings only if you leave the software running in the background.


Is there anyway around this, or some way I might save the settings to the mouse and then close the software and be done with it?


Thanks everyone for any suggestions.

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Okay so I spoke with a representative and they explained that other mice they sell include a chip inside which lets you save the settings to the hardware, and then close the software.


As the Harpoon is the 'starter' version I suppose you could say, I can understand how the feature I seek might not be included. I'll just consider this a test drive (so far so good) and go from there.

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