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Problems with XD750i / lightning node pro + fan hub


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i've been running a lightning node pro and a fan hub with three LL120's for a while now without any problems.


Today i installed a hx750i in my system and everything stopped responding. No power info from the PSU and no way to set colors on the fans.


When i look in icue both the PSU and node are detected, but they don't react to anything.


When i unplug one of the two from usb everyhting works fine for the device that is still plugged in (after rebooting). But the two toghether, nothing.


Latest version of icue, updated win 10 64.


I have turned on the logging and can see that there are non stop errors about the PowerSupplyUnitHidDevice, logs are attached.


Any help would be appreciated

Service logs.zip

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