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Spec Omgea Rgb airflow with rad question


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Hello I am doing my first pc build and had a question about the airflow and fans. I have 6 LL120s fans and a Hydro Series™ H150i PRO RGB 360mm, i know a little about how some fans should blow air in and some should suck air out.This is my plan for the build download.png.c002c1437b4bbc1c7829eb9b2c8f5b3a.pngId have the top 3 fans blowing air down and the fans on the radiator suck air in and out the case.


Also should i put the fans behind the radiator or in front of the radiator , idk witch is better


Would love to hear your thoughts and ideas thanks !

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The LL-120 look great from the front, but not so great from the back, so I have been told. Didn't your case come with HD-120 fans and your rad come with 3xML-120mm fans?


If you have a total of 11 fans, then I would do the following:



case|ML-120|Rad|LL-120|Outside <==Airflow

case|ML-120|Rad|LL-120|Outside <==Airflow

case|ML-120|Rad|LL-120|Outside <==Airflow

(Have the fans so they suck in the air from outside the case)


This is called push pull, all it really allows you to do is get better performance at slower speeds than just a single push fan.




2xLL-120 ^==airflow (exhaust)

Inside Case



Outside | LL-120 | Inside Case <==Airflow (exhaust




You could swap out some of the ML-120s for the HD-120 for looks only, though I am having issues finding more places to mount fans for your system. I would run them at a lower RPM with the ML-120 fans to have the more aggressive curve. You really want to have more intake than exhaust to get your system slightly positive. Even having the same amount of fans is not a good way of calculating. Intake fans will generally have more obstructions i.e. rads and filters. I tend to like as 3:1 intake:exhaust approach, though this can be offset by adjusting fans for different curves.

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Only 6 120s can fit so not point using another fans and if I use another one I’d have to get another fan hub for the rgb, would you do if using only the 6 LLfans


Is this a good idea , back: ll120 blowing air in

Top : 2x ll120 blowing air down

Front x3 on rad sucking air out

So 3 blowing air in and 3 sucking air out , I seen people do this in the same case you think the airflow would be fine this way ?

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