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Newbie Help with MSI Command Center and CPU Fan/Temp


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Hello I have a:




Brand: Corsair, MSI Bulldog 2.0


Mother board: MSI Z2701


CPU: I7- 7700K


CPU Cooler:Corsair Hydro H6


Chipset: Intel Z270


Memory: Corsair Vengence


SSD Drive: WD Blue


Video Card:Liquid cooled evga gforce gtx 1080 ftw hybrid




First time working with MSI Control center. . I opened the control center and I am seeing 25 degrees Celsius/77 Fahrenheit. The graph shows the fans at 0 rpm in smart mode and I notice the temps start to climb a bit up to around 38 Celsius or 90 Fahrenheit. When I put it into manual it starts the fans to what i set it to and the temps start to lower. Isn't the Smart mode supposed to kick on the fans at some point? I am a newbie when it comes to CPU GPU temps and a set up like this. On my MSI laptop I have dragon center which adjusts the fans speed based on workload. I assume command center does the same but it is way more advanced? Anyone have any experience with this who could help? Thanks again in advance everyone.

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