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got 3 pack of 140mm premium maglev RGB fans fans


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Hi all,


With my new build into my mega Obsidian case, I purchased a 3 pack of the above mentioned fans. I attached them to the commander pro module, but they don't seem to work at all.


Surely 3 new fans wouldn't crap out at once......


Other fans in my system are working OK and are controlled using corsair link, along with my PSU.


Probably something staring at me in the face and I can't see the wood for the trees;-)




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OK, well I am officially a dummy....


Solved part of the problem and got the lighting node pro and 1000D to show up in the device list in corsair link (I had plugged the USB connector from CP back to itself (duh) so it was not connected to the motherboard.


I have got that part working but my 3 front fans connected to it are not going. When I turn the beast on, the lights on the fans go on for a split second, but they do not turn and I don't seem to have control of the fan speed etc....



I have double checked the connectors and all are plugged into the controller...






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