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macros not working

dr acula

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Hello, I am using a Scimitar mouse it's probably not the pro. I've had it for like 2 years maybe. Love the mouse but lately the buttons on the side will not work anymore.

I'm on windows 10 btw, I saw some problems with win7 shouldn't be the issue here.


I kept getting this error in Icue, it said macro cannot execute properly try repairing. or something along those lines. It is not displaying that anymore now though.


Things I tried to do to resolve:

Repairing Icue (did atleast 5 times)

Fresh uninstall/install (did atleast 5 times)

Make sure no button in icue was disabling the macro keys

Updating drivers for the mouse

Updating software for the mouse in ICue


It seems nothing is working, My lighting is still working but it the macro does not, also the keystroke remap isn't working so I don't think any of it works.

I've read like 50 forum posts youtube videos, no problem resolution. I'm afraid that the only solution is to switch brands at this point but I really want to keep the mouse if possible. any help would be appreciated as this is a last resort.


Thanks in advance to any advice or someone with a similar issue.

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