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VOID Surround Hybrid Troubles


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Through about year of getting these headphones, I started noticing little troubles (mute button on the side making a crackling sound every time I press it, the scroll wheel sometimes stuttering and making crackles as I scroll it up and down) which i ignored cause I loved the headphones, and just like a bad girlfriend stopped working after the dongle did. Microphone made very loud crackling sounds as it moved up or down, or side to side, i would talk and it would cut out randomly to the point of me resetting my pc or replugging the dongle.


And you say "Sledge, why are you here and don't talk to the support?"


Good question citizen that sounds just like me, the registering system is broken on both PC (Windows 10) and Mobile (Android), which relays me back to talk to support...which requires me to log it...which requires me to register... you get my point.


I'm lost more than blind kid playing a game of tag in a corn maze.



1) How do I register and ask for a ticket about headphones

2) How do I fix the headphones (there is nothing wrong with the headphones themselves because i used my laptop without the dongle and it worked fine, apart from the scroll wheel ect)

3) Instead of my lovely corsair replacing the dongle, can I just buy it? Cause I searched it in most places and it comes only with the headset.

4) Is there a way to submit a ticket or talk to a person on chat without registering? :hmmm:


With love-

Father Sledge

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Yeah same struggling with the 002 6C6BFDA1-F110-4AF1-A01A-0FB12D4B2B1E.


My dolby 7.1 dongle randomly started crackling, wanted to submit a ticket to see if i can buy one/get it replaced.


Can't create account or submit a ticket.




Preach, I got corsair mouse, keyboard, headphones, ram, and all that good stuff, yet they disappoint on one of the most important things in gaming?





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