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How I can set the middle click buton of RGB Harpoon Mouse to open a new specific tab


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Hello everyone


Please help me in this problem. I just bought a new Corsair mouse, Harpoon, and now I trying to set up al the buttons. I m not a gamer, more a searcher. So, I use a lot the internet browser.


My problem is that I cannot set the scrooling button to open a new specific tab. For example, when the cursor is on one link, and I click the button (scrooling in my case) to open exactly that link.

Another example. In facebook, when the cursor is on a person name (with the link of the profile included), and I push the scrooling buton, to open exactly that profile


All I could do, is to set it to open a new Web Browser file, but not a specific one


Ive had mices (a lot cheaper) before this Corsair, that could do this actions without a problem.


Please help me

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