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K70 rgb mk2


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There should be three hardware profiles labeled K70P HW1, HW2, HW3 somewhere in your left side profile list (try the very bottom). Unlike some of the older devices with the simple "save to memory" kind of interface, these profiles act as a template and save device for the board. You need to create your profile in the K70P HW profile, then click the onboard profiles tab at the very bottom left. It will then let you save that profile to any of the three onboard slots. HW1 does not have to go to slot 1, etc.


However, there are some lighting limitations to what you can stuff into memory. While iCUE can handle an extraordinary number of lighting effects, you are typically limited to 1 "preset effect" or 5 standard effects (static, wave, etc.). As such, you cannot directly transfer an existing software profile into a HW slot. You will need to recreate it in the HW slot where those limiting rules are enforced. However, you usually can copy complex gradients and the like from the existing profile to the Library and then back to the HW profile, if helpful. More often than not, it's just as quick to recreate the pattern in the HW profile.

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