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Corsair Crystal 280X RBG: One of two RGB fans stays dark (LL120)


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A few weeks ago I put together my new rig based on a Crystal 280X RBG case. It came with two LL120 fans already pre-installed and they worked fine in the beginning. I installed the latest iCUE software (3.9.93). After a while the fan lighting started behaving strangely: Sometimes the bottom fan is fully illuminated and the top fan only half of the LED glow. Sometimes the top fan is completely dark and the bottom fan only half illuminated.


So far I couldn´t determine a reason for one or the other behavior. It just happens to be this or that way when I start up my system. I already upgraded the firmware of the Lightning Node Pro to 0.7.122 but no change. Also, I tried out different settings in iCUE (LL/HD/SP...), but no solution yet. For now keeping it at LL as it should be (for the LL120 fans).


The other parts of the RBG system work as they should (CPU cooler and RAM).


Any ideas that I could try to solve this issue are appreciated.


Thanks and cheers!

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