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What's the point of opening a support ticket just to get lied to?


It's very simple to support me, all I need is the firmware my mouse shipped with that is not hard. I'm sorry I accidentally clicked a popup that comes up every freakin' day. Please stop punishing me Corsair, this mouse was not cheap. You got your money, I need my firmware that I paid for. I did not ask for a new version it was a stupid pop up, everybody hates popups and just clicks to make them go away.


It's been 11 days, they have lied to me. Initially they said there was only 1 firmware 2.04 for my mouse, I tried it and it was the same version I had so I told them and boom magically they have another older version 2.02! Unfortunately that is also too new. It took a week to get them to admit they had older versions but now it's a brick wall 2.02 is the oldest they will tell me about. Now they are e-mailing someone for help and that was 2 days ago...not looking forward to another silent week capped off with more lies.


Now all they tell me is update to iCUE... You aren't apple drop the i prefix and let me import my old profiles and I will think about it. Until then I'd rather trash the mouse and not lose all the work I put into my K65 RGB that took 14 multicolor lighting effects with complex timing and fade outs over 11 zones...


I bet if I go buy another mouse it will have right firmware one it...that's what you want isn't in Corsair, to make me buy the same damn thing from you again. Once I got some cash to toss around I'll do that then brick it and return it after "stealing" it's firmware. Thanks for making stealing the only solution Corsair.

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