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Void Pro USB - sidetouch too quiet, not good enough at 100


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I like this headset in almost every way with the exception of "sidetouch" (hearing yourself speak in the headset), a feature that was advertised but doesn't really work.


I have it cranked up to 100 and my voice is barely audible.


I have the latest iCUE software and latest firmware 0.01 on the headset.


Are there any tricks to make this headset more usable?

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Besides the Sidetone adjustment, do you also have the adjustment for the mic turned up so it can pick up your voice clearly as well?


I have the mic set to where my groupmates tell me it sounds best, they hear me perfectly... is that what you mean? I assume if I turn anything else up I'll be too loud on their side.


Sidetouch is functional, it's just too low. I'm seeing others complain about that here and in Reddit as well; Some guys there found a way to modify some files to go over 'max' but those files don't exist on my install. Basically I just want sidetouch's current 100% to be more like 50% so I can go higher.

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