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Brand New Corsair K95 Platinum Cherry malfunctioning, wrong keys, W sometimes A


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I just bought a brand new Corsair K95 RGB Platinum cherry mechanical keyboard from Newegg and upon hooking it up with the latest iCUE software preinstalled (for my Void Pro headset and h100 watercooler) I found that within Overwatch that occasionally I'd be moving in the wrong direction.


So if I'm holding W to go forward, I'm also going left at the same time.


I just respawned now and after not hitting any keys, I pressed forward (W) and I'm going left and forward.


I tried a firmware update and clearing storage but that didn't fix the issue.


Is this a defective keyboard right out the box?


Edit: I also experienced it while holding W going forward and suddenly while holding W i'm now going forward and left (A).

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Can you try installing switch hitter from elite keyboards to see if any other keys are being activated while press the W key?


I spent a few minutes tapping, holding single keys, holding multiple keys, etc., but I couldn't reproduce the issue within Switch Hitter.


It doesn't happen excessively while playing either, but enough that it annoys me. Sometimes it happens often within a short period of time, other times it doesn't seem to happen at all.

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Well, My votee is for the lateer! I'm typing this on my 1 DDAY olld remanufacturedd/rercertifieddd K95! It is the 5th KB corrsai has sent mee oveeerr 2 yearrs and 3 months! Alll 5 have ha this same issue comee up in 4 to 11 months. So IMHO its is a buye bewae situation!! This rermanufacturred one is by far th worst one I have ever had!
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