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Keyboard's color faded, caps lock stuck on and few random lighting blinks


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I've had this keyboard for nearly a year (k70 lux rgb). At first it was working just fine. After about half a year few problems started occuring.


First it was the caps lock key. After PC has been in use some time and caps lock was often pressed it got stuck. The caps lock light would at some point get stuck and it would be always on. I could still type normally and have thecaps lock button do its job, but that light is always on until you either restart pc or unplug the keyboard and plug it back in. Annoying as hell.


Another thing is rgb lighting. At some random intervals 3-4 random keys would blink. By that I mean the lights behind the keys. Lighting on those few random keys would just blink. It's slow enough that you can notice it even during gaming sessions. Again, annoying.


And now the keyboard itself. How the hell can this brushed aluminim lose color. There are few specific parts of where the color on the keyboard faded. You can see the images here. This appears even near the arrow key UP. I don't even use this side of they keyboard because all I do is gaming. Why would color fade there... I could maybe understand the left side of they keyboard but not this.


I am certain that the first two reasons would be enough for a RMA but I'm afraid this color loss would be considered as customer's doing, wouldn't it?

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