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Cannot resolve my ticket in a whole month


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My ticket number is 802411.


One month ago I found out that one of the DDR4 memory stick is faulty. So I opened a ticket, received RMA and sent back the whole kit to the provided address. It was received on 15th November.


Since then (more than 2 weeks have passed) I cannot get any information about replacement. I'm getting only promises that it would be sent in 24-48 hours. And then the supporter just disappears and does not provide any updates. So I had talked to Junior M, Vincent T, Claire F and still no luck.


I think it's ridiculous that Corsair cannot replace one faulty memory kit. And even cannot provide an accurate estimation when it can be done!


I'm thinking about a full refund in this case. How can I do it?



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  • Corsair Employees

Hello Svaroggg,


Sorry for the delays, I am looking into what is going on with your replacement. We have had some issues when sending DRAM replacements to Russia because of customs issues. I have contacted our warehouse to see if we can have the item cleared to be delivered to you as it is stuck at the moment.


I will do my best to find a way to get the DRAM to you.




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