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Hello, so i havent really bothered updating iCUE ever since i got my PC back in 2016 because i never used it anyway, but recently ive been getting some errors of it not working properly so i decided to upgrade to the newest version, and right after i updated i have been getting the OPEN GL 2 error that is all over the internet,i tried everything i could find to fix it but nothing worked, all my drivers are up to date and everything else should be fine. Tried downgrading to older iCUE versions but i get the same error on all of them.


This is the error but im surer every knows what im talking about



My graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce 1060.


Id appriciate any help because even tho i dont really need to use it after i reinstalled it my keyboard doesnt got stuck in the lowest lighting settings and its really annoying. Thanks.


UPDATE : I just installed an old 1.62.42 version and that one works just fine, so assume the problem might be with just some of the newer ones? Maybe 2.X ++?

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