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Dark Core changing hardware profiles? help


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I just got a Dark Core SE and an k95 Platinum. iCUE is working really well, but I cant change my hardware profiles on my Dark Core. In iCUE, when my keyboard and one of its hardware profiles is selected, it has a tab that says 'Onboard Profiles'. but when my Dark core and one if its hardware profiles are selected, it doesn't show that tab. I can change my onboard keyboard profiles, and when I sign out of windows to the lock screen, the 3 onboard profiles work like the should. when I select one of my dark core onboard profiles and change its settings, (for example just change the color from rainbow to a static white) it seems to work, and the mouse and software show the new hardware profile, but when I close iCUE and sign out of windows, all 3 profiles are rainbow again and macros/keybindings don't save either. when I sign back in and reopen iCUE, it says the Hardware profile is a static white. What is happening? Can someone please help me? I hope this is all a user error from me being stupid, as that is easily fixable with your help but it might be an actual problem with the mouse.


BTW:iCUE, Dark Core, and k95 Platinum firmwares are all up to date.

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