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In need of a RMA


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I recently purchased 2 sticks of VS512MB400 Ram and installed them on a

Gigabyte K8N-Ultra SLI Motherboard, I have the current BIOS F1 since its the only Bios available for that motherboard. If I install both Sticks of Ram as per the Motherboard's Manual the system constantly Reboots. 1 of the Sticks of RAM gets noticably Hotter than the other and when it is removed from the system the system boots normally and runs stable. The bad stick of Ram has also been tested Alone in another computer and causes that machine to constantly reboot as well.


Gigabyte K8N-Ultra SLI

1gb Corsair Value Select Ram

2 Chaintech PCI-E 6600GT Video Cards

Lite-On DVD Drive

420 Watt Power Supply

200GB WD Hard Drive


All Bios Settings are Set to Auto or Fail Safe Values

All Drivers are Current

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