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Corsair CPU Cable won't fit into Motherboard EATX


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I'm in the process of building a new PC and I'm having an issue. I have a Asus Maximus Code X motherboard with a Corsair RM850X Power Supply Unit.

The issue is that the "ROG Armor" on the Maximus Code X is very tight to the EATX connection on the motherboard.



As seen above, there is little clearance for the EATX cable.


The RM850X PSU has CPU cable with two ends:

-one end has a single clip with a smooth backside. This end goes into the PSU.

-the other end has a double clip with a notch on the backside. This is designated for the EATX connector.

*Also, I can't fit the double notch on the PSU side. There is only room for cables with a single clip.



As seen above, the notch on the backside of the double clip is causing the problem= It keeps hitting the "ROG Armor".


For testing purposes, I was able to plug the single clip with the smooth backside into the EATX connection quite easily. What can I do? Do I have to file the backside notch down so it will fit? Will that cause any problems?

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Definitely an issue with a new motherboard and using an existing power supply. Asus does not realize that many power supplies have split EPS12V cables and finding a replacement cable for a power supply sis hard to find and likely expensive.


I use MSI which seems to be less of a nuisance.

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