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Bad Memory VS512MB400 Lot0431114-0


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In August and September of 2004 I purchases parts to build a new computer which included: Gigabyte GA-7VT600 motherboard, Western Digital 80GB IDE ULTRA ATA100 hard drive, NEC DVD Burner, 2 Corsair 512 DDR PC-3200 OEM, and floppy drive. My operating system is MS XP Professional.


This system will get up and running, but shortly after all program have been loaded (anywhere from 2 days to 3.5 weeks) the system will freeze, shut and begin a physical memory dump. After this occurs the hard drive is no longer bootable due corrupt operating system file. I have reformatted my hard drives no less than 25 times, each time trying something different. Over the past 5 months I have loaded all variation of software including just MS XP Pro and MicroSoft Office, I have purchased a new hard drive, a new CD burner, and even a new motherboard....... still the same problem keeps happening. I recently installed a new DDR PC-3200 512K module from a competitor and removed the 2 Corsair modules and it is running perfect. How do I return the Corsair modules for testing?


Brian H. Zahn

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