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Why can't I trigger lighting states from a mouse macro?


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Okay, I write this after I've read everything I can find on the subject. The scenario is as follows:


I'm creating a toggle macro to spam my skills in a game. When the toggle is on, I want the key to blink. Okay, that's fine - I can get that to work on my keyboard (K65 RGB).


But it's FAR more convenient for me to bind the spam macros to keys on my mouse (M65 PRO RGB). I can get the macros to work but unlike in setting up keyboard macros, the LIGHTING option is missing, only SOUND files can be associated with the mouse macro.


So as a workaround, I tried just making my mouse do the keystroke that triggers the spam macro on the keyboard, but apparently the keyboard can only pickup on it's key ACTUALLY BEING PRESSED, not operating system keystroke events, so that doesn't work either.


I want to push toggle buttons on my MOUSE and have a visual clue that they are on or off, so someone please tell me if this is possible with ANY corsair mouse as I am about to walk away from Corsair otherwise.



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