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Daisychain commander pros


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Exactly how do you daisy-chain commander pros using the USB sockets?


Before you say it, No I haven't answered my own question

AND please don't tell me to use LED hubs. :laughing:


CPROs have 'two' USB sockets each.

If I want to link three CPROs together, which sockets do I use?

and do I connect them in serial or parallel?


I have sketched up what I mean in the attached picture, which one is right ?



any genuine help would be appreciated


I have to say how shocked I am at the total lack of information in any of the corsair instructions. The USB / daisy chain feature isnt even mentioned, let alone 'explained' ! - am I asking too much ?

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The CoPro also has a USB connection that's built in that's used to connect to the USB header. That's actually marked in diagram A. Each CoPro has one of those connections. To daisy chain, rather than connecting to the motherboard, you connect to one of the open USB ports on the other Commander Pro.


What I would do is connect the first CoPro to the motherboard and then both of the other CoPros to the first. That limits the length of your "chain" (they are all hubs).

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