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Turning off Dark Core RGB Lights


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Hi Guys,


So far it seems to me like the only way to turn off the Dark Core's RGB lights is by creating a static colour profile with RGB decimals of 0, 0, 0 (i.e. black)?


I wouldve expected there to be a button in iCUE at least to simply turn off the RGB lights but I cant find anything.


The only reason that I ask, is that I just want to make sure that i'm not needlessly draining the mouse's battery by the LEDs still maybe being on but just with their brightness turned down really low or whatever.


Any help/advice appreciated.

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As of right now that's the only way to turn off the lighting. We are working on a way to allow customers to turn it off hopefully in the next update.


2020 still nothing i have manual boot up icue no in the Taskbar like the option start on system start you wluld think it loud default profile that i have no lights on. No it does not.

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