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Fan switching, connections H100i RGB Platinum


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Hello all, Im building my first pc and I am very insecure for most of the time.


Ive bought a H100i RGB Platinum and installed the pump and radiator.

Ive also bought 9 LL120 rgb fans for my buid. I intend to switch the two fans that come with the H100i (ML) for LL ones.


Now to the question; Can i connect my LL fans (the ones replacing the MLS on the radiator) to the commander pro and lightning hub? Or do I have to connect them to the cables/connectors coming from the pump?


If possible. Are there any pros/cons by not connecting the LL's to the cables/connectors from the pump?


Thanks in advance,

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For fan speed control, they should be connected to the pump and controlled based on the coolant temperature.

For the lighting ... that's totally up to you. It probably makes more sense to control it with the other fans in your system tho - so connected to a fan hub that's then connected to the Commander Pro lighting channel.

And make sure that you check out the RGB FAQ linked in my signature.

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