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Connecting 6 ll120 Fans to Power


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Right off the bat, I apologize for what will surely be a stupid question. I am buying components for my 12 year old son to build a gaming PC for Christmas. It will be a fun father-son project.


The last time I built a PC was probably 10 years ago and it was a basic office computer, nothing like what he will be getting. I'm trying to get caught up on everything before he opens his gifts and we get to putting it together.


One piece of info I cannot figure out is the way the fans connect to power. I get that the LED lead goes to the hub, but he will have 6 total ll120 fans in the case that will need power. Do most people use a hub to combine all the fans?


The motherboard I got him is a MSI Z370 Pro Carbon AC and looking at the schematics, it only seems to have 4 fan headers.


Sorry for what is surely a stupid question, but I want to make sure that I have all the toys he needs to put this together without needing to buy additional items (and waiting for them to arrive.)


Thanks all!

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You'll have 2 connectors on those fans - 1 is a standard 4-pin PWM header for the fan motor itself and the other is for RGB. The RGB, as you've mentioned, goes to the RGB Fan Hub. That provides power for the lighting. The other PWM header would go to your motherboard. If you have more fans than headers on your motherboard, you can use splitters or PWM Fan Hubs to connect multiple fans to a single header. Or a Commander Pro (totally optional).


Make sure that you check out the RGB FAQ linked in my signature. It'll explain a lot.

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