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Corsair Hx1000i Vs Msi X299 Meg Creation


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I have a question:


1. Will the Corsair HX1000i be compatible with the motherboard X299 MSI MEG CREATION?


X299 MSI MEG Creation needs x3 (8-PIN EPS12V)... Corsair Hx1000i in the specification has x2 (8 PIN EPS12V)


2. It means that the power supply only supports two (8 PIN EPS12V) connectors for CPU or can I just buy a cable and I can install x3 (8 PIN EPS12V) ????


3. I am asking for exact instructions. I do not want to burn anything :p:, and finding some specific information is a problem.:idea:




Thank you


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The EPS12V cable will plug into the same plugs on your PSU as the PCIe power. So you can get another EPS12V cable on corsair.com and connect it to the correct output on the PSU.


And the PSU only comes with 2 EPS12V. It supports up to 6 - but then you'd have no PCI Express power connectors.

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Hmn... I understand. I am a bit confused. I also think that the Molex adapter is a stupid idea, but MSI recommended such a solution to this problem ...

Many experts from various shops and services advised me not to insert the third cable (8-pin EPS) ...

The guy from PCPartPicker (ca.pcpartpicker.com) told me to buy the adapter (PCIE to 8-pin Eps)

I do not want to burn anything ...I do not know what to do. Total disinformation:sigh!:

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Your PSU has connections for six PCIe/EPS cables. They have the exact same pinout. All of those connections will take either an PCIe or an EPS cable. So, as I said previously, you could fill them with EPS cables if you wanted - but then you'd have no power for your GPU.


As for MSI recommending that ... that's absolutely nuts. EPS supports up to 14 amps for a 4 pin connector (which is the one we're talking about, right?) at 12V. Molex supports 5.5A on 12V and 5V. So .... if your EPS connection tries to draw the full 14A that its designed for from a molex connection ... you may melt the molex connector. Hence the fire hazard. That's beyond bad advice. It's downright dangerous.


All of that said, in looking at the Anandtech review of this board, they mention the following power connectors:

1 x 24-pin ATX

2 x 8-pin CPU

1 x 4-pin Molex PCIe


That's a beast of a different color. That's not the EPS connectors that we've been talking about that you need ... and this explains MSI's suggestion. You don't plug an EPS cable into a Molex connection ... so your entire line of questioning is based in a misunderstanding. From that, it doesn't sound at all like you need a third EPS power connection but a standard Molex connection. Which your PSU should come with at least one of those cables.

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I think similar...:cool:

If Corsair would officially confirm that the Hx1000i has six inputs (PCIe / EPS) and that I can even connect all as an "8-pin Eps" for the CPU, I would be calmer.


Anyway, I'll buy this 8-pin Eps cable.


Thanks for your help :):

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Where is the review you are talking about? On "anandtech.com" there is only the motherboard x399 for AMD. In fact, 2x (8-pin eps) is enough here.


I need x299 Msi Meg Creation motherboard for Intel. Here it is clearly written:

(Triple 8 Pin Power Supply: To provide unleashing the ultimate multi-core CPU performance).


Look at the attached screen shots.


Msi Support from my country clearly told me to put 3x (8-pin eps) ...




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You are correct ... the Anandtech is the X399, not X299.


Looking in the manual, you're right - it does need 3 EPS connectors (CPU_PWR1, CPU_PWR2 and CPU_PWR3) as well as a molex connector that, for some reason, they call PCIE_PWR1 (but it's not a PCIe connector, it's a molex connector). See Page 10 of your manual.

So ... we're back where we started.


As I said before the EPS connector will plug in to the same slots on your PSU as the PCIe power. They connect in the same place and have the same pinout on the PSU.


You have six connectors on the HX1000i for CPU or PCIe even though it only comes with 2 cables. The cable that Corsair Mint referenced earlier is the one you need - so pick that up. So you'll have 3 of them taken by the CPU/EPS connectors and 3 left for any PCIe cards.

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I understand.

I also think the Corsair Hx1000i has six (PCI-E & 4 + 4 CPU). Only a moment ago I got another email that it will not work in this way. Logically, I just need a cable ... But in that case I do not understand why MSI did not answer the same ...They even have this power supply in support for x299 msi meg.


Corsair is still silent for my ticket request...


In any case, thank you for your help.

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Hello again,


Are the CPU cables from the hx1000i power supply the same as those from the hx1200i power supply?

I mean, can I take one extra cable from hx1000i and connect three cables to hx1200i?

I need three CPU cable for x299 msi meg motherboard.

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