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450D and 750D Airflow were perfect


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The Corsair 450D and 750D were perfect cases. These cases were simple and did not include RGB options. The only simple standard shaped cases left have solid fronts with no vents. The ones that do have vents place solid barriers in front of them which would just collect dust!


RGB is ugly, annoying, and distracting, I want a simple professional case that is flat all the way around with adequate intake and exhaust fan vents. 450D and 750D were perfect and simple.


I would like the 460x and 570x if they did not have lights and the case being a little less expensive because not having a RGB controller.


Personally I prefer simple cases with plain flat exterior so dust can be wiped off quickly and easily. I did like the airflow editions with dust covers on all vents so I could decide which were intake and which were exhaust.


What happened to simple and attractive case design: 450D, 750D. I do own an 800D but would not buy it again because I've only used the hot swap bays a few times although they were convenient and did work well.

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