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H150i and CPU_Fan header


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Doing a new build and haven’t put together a PC in a while and adding this RGB element is a little confusing. So, I purchased the Asus Hero XI, H1150i, 500D RGB and the dominator with RGB. I’m a little confused on how to route everything properly. So far, I mounted the radiator to the front of the case with the 3 LED fans and placed the non-RGB fans that came with the H150i on top and back.

My question is and I’ve tried reading up and everyone is different, but do I connect the front fans to the Commander PRO that came with the case or to the CPU headers AIO port? If I connect the LED fans on the front will I lose the LED control?

Im guessing is that the Fan wires go to the AIO cpu_header and then the LED wires run to the commander? Then where do I plus the non-rgb fans on the motherboard?

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For the radiator fans, the power should be connected to the cooler's built-in fan controller and fan ports. The LED connection is separate. While you can connect the to the Commander Pro, it's not ideal.

The non-RGB fans can go on your Commander Pro for fan speed control. Or on your motherboard. But the CoPro would allow you to control them via iCue in Windows and that's what I'd recommend.

And if you've not seen it yet, check out the RGB FAQ at http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=173880.

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