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Can't see K95 G keys in icue key binding interface...


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Hello friends,


I was able to see and bind any kind of macro to my K95 Platinum's G keys. I needed a new macro a couple days ago, but when I tried to bind it I cannot see the keyboard interface where you can assign the keybinds and lights in iCUE.


Please see the screenshot attached.


I have spent quite sometime on Google and forums but I could not find any answers. Help please!


Many thanks.


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I have accidentally resolved the issue a couple of minutes ago. I unplugged the keyboard to blow out the cat hair, cookie crumbs and god knows what stuck in between the keys. Later on when I plugged it in, iCUE asked me to update the firmware once again, after re-updating the firmware the interface was fixed. I guess unplugging and plugging solved the issue because I have tried firmware update a couple of times yesterday.


We can mark this as resolved, happy days! :)

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