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iCUE Lockup


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I recently switched from Link to iCUE because I purchased a K70 KB. The main use for Link was to control fans & monitor and record temps & fans while compressing video. Using Handbrake to do the video work has my CPU running @100%. This was never a problem for Link. iCUE really does not like this. Over a period of about 3 hours it created 186 csv files (should be 1) and the data for every fan and temp remained unchanged for each line. I set it to record 10 parameters every 15 seconds. iCUE Space also showed a flatline in each graph. After the video work was done and Handbrake was shut down iCUE did NOT recover. Restarting the service under "Settings" did not help. I had to shutdown iCUE and restart it. Fortunately it did continue to control the fans on the H115i cooler.

Any thoughts?

Thank You


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