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570x Black mirror: Corsair PSU shroud label and Corsair logo in front won't light up


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Here's my set up: I removed the internal SP button controls as well as the SP fans and replaced them with LL fans.


I have the Corsair case logo rgb header connected to slot 1 of the RGB Fan Led Hub, which is connected to LED channel 1 on the Commander Pro.


I have my LL fans on a second RGB Fan LED Hub which is connected to channel 2 on the Commander Pro.


On iCue I have lighting channel 1 as SP fans and 1 fan connected. There was a video on youtube that showed setting it to SP should work, but it's not working for me.


The psu Corsair label and front logo worked fine before with the stock case set up, but now I connected it to the commander pro no lights show up.


Am I missing anything? They did light up when I used to have my SP fans and stock set up, before I got my commander pro and LL fans.

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