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USB 3.1 Type-C Front Panel I/O Upgrade Kit for Crystal 570X - White ??


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The case DOES technically come with USB 3.1 Type C BUT it is only available on models released this year which currently is ONLY the Mirrored Tempered Glass Special Edition which I own ( and as for USB C 3.1 upgrade kits most of them I really hate the fact that manufacturers remove USB A ports just to include type C ports on a pre-existing case (I hate the fact I only have one Type A due to it being upgraded when the USB 3.0 motherboard headers can support TWO of them but apart from this I really don't have much negatives to say about this case that I can think of) or that they do not reconfigure the USB A port cutout and instead put a USB C port that is encased in plastic like the Corsair Obsidian 750D USB C 3.1 upgrade kit
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