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Is this a RAM Problem?


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I recently built a new PC about 3 weeks ago with Corsair TWINX1024-3200C2 2x512MB PC3200 memory...


First of all here's the spec of my computer:

- Ultra X-connect 500 Watt Power Supply w/20-24pin Ultra X-Connect Converter

- MSI K8N-SLI Neo4 platinum motherboard

- AMD Athlon64 3000+

- Corsair TWINX1024-3200C2 2x512MB PC3200

- Asus Geforce 6200

- 80gb Seagate Baracuda 7200rpm SATA

- NEC 16x DVDRW+/-

- 7-in-1 Mitsumi Floppy Drive

- 5x Vantec Spectrum 80mm Fan, Vantec Video PCI cooling (2x 80mm), and Thermal Take Silent Boost



- CPU (Idle): 34C

- CPU (Stress): 38C

- MB (Idle): 30C

- MB (Stress): 32C


Bios Settings:

- Everything as optimal factory default settings

- DRAM Settings: 200mhz 2.5-3-3-6 w/ memory timing 1T and 2.7V

- CPU Settings: All at default state, Aggresive Timing: Disabled, Overclock: Disabled.



- ForceWare 66.39

- nForce4 Standalone Kit 6.39



After I installed windows xp pro w/ service pack 2 and all the latest drivers, I have random freezes or sometime a BSOD pop up... Usually this happened when I idle my computer for about 2-3 hours... I ran Prime95 for stress testing for my memory (option #3) and my computer wont last for about 30 minutes... again it freezes (cant move mouse at all and numlock led on the keyboard stay solids after pressing numlock key several times)...


I did a memtest with 200Mhz 2.5-3-3-6 w/ memory timing 1T and 2.7V... Surprisingly it passed all of the test and my computer has been running for 6+ hours with it...


My first thought was the motherboard and I managed to borrow Asus A8N-SLI off my friend and reinstalled windows xp pro w/ service pack 2 and all the latest drivers... AGAIN, the problem still there... random freezes or BSOD when I idle my computer for 2-3 hours... Prime95 stress testing (option#3) wont last 30 minutes...


I switched back to my motherboard (MSI K8N-SLI Neo4 Platinum)... reinstalled everything... changed the cas latency for my memory to 200Mhz 3-3-3-8 w/ memory timing 2T and 2.7V (I also tried 2.75V and 2.8V)... This time Prime95 stress testing (option#3) last for about 4 hours and it freeze...


Sorry for the long post... Could this be a RAM problem? If not do you have any suggestions which part might go wrong?

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Several additions:


- Currently, I installed the memory on the first and the second slot (green and purple) to get a dual channel...

- tried each single memory test and the results are pretty much the same as in dual channel...

- I've also tried install it on the third and fourth slot but the result worst... I cant even get into the windows...

- Played around with the CPU voltage from Auto to 1.500v to 1.550v no luck

- Played around with the nforce4 voltage from 1.50v (default) to 1.65v (I wont go higher than this since it's not recommended by MSI) no luck...

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