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Dead AX860i


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bad news....


my ax860i psu just died playing Rust ....


2 days ago i was playing Rust and suddenly the pc just shuts down completely . After few seconds it booted by itself showing me the asus power surge protection saying me that it shutted down to protect my system , after that I tried to boot to windows to see if was all good with the psu readings (corsair link) and windows ...maybe 10 minutes later it happened again .


I don't know what triggered that because all was good , the input voltage was within spec and stable .


1 hour ago it did it again but this time the pc won't boot no matter what . The only thing that i can hear is the relay inside but nothing happens ... I already tried the selftest but nothing happens , no light , i can hear just the relay working. Im now using an old psu on my system without any issues (thank god) but i don't have any 8pci-e cable to feed my 1070 so im using a gtx 460....


and now ? it's possible to request a advance rma ? I need to send all the cables with it ?


My RIg:


4790k 4.7

maximus vii gene

16GB G.Skilll 2.4

1070 g1

4x 120 fans

2x 90 fans

1 swiftech mp655 (laing d5)

1 1tb 860 evo

1 1tb 850 evo

1 WB black 1tb

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Hey Danidasanic,


When you're doing the self-test, making sure you have all the internal cables disconnected from the power supply. Otherwise, look up how to do a paperclip test, it's a great way to test the power supply isolated from your system.


If it's still showing no signs of life, definitely put in a ticket with support, they'll be more than happy to help you out.



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